Record-Breaking Success: U6 Students achieve remarkable results!

Record-Breaking Success: U6 Students achieve remarkable results and receive record offers from world-class universities. 

 Reigate, 17 August 2023 —

Adding to their charity work, volunteering, creative and performing arts, adventurous activities and sporting successes, our U6 students are celebrating exceptional A Level and BTEC results – the best in the school’s history with 75% of grades awarded at grade A* or A , and an impressive 95% of grades within the A* to B range. This remarkable feat underscores the dedication of both students and teachers. In a time when national trends have shown a decline in grades and university placements, RGS students have beaten all expectations, defying the trend.  

 This cohort, having faced the challenges of disrupted education due to the pandemic, demonstrated resilience and determination, showcasing their true potential. 

 These students overcame so much to do so well. This is an exceptional moment for Reigate Grammar School as we delight in the triumph of our students’ dedication and hard work. The hurdles posed by Covid-19 did not define these students: instead, they served as a launchpad, propelling them to evolve into remarkable young adults poised to contribute positively to the world. I could not be prouder of them, their families, teachers, and the entire RGS community. Their academic success goes hand in hand with their excellence in various extracurricular pursuits such as charity work, community engagement, sports, arts and more. They are not only academically accomplished but also possess a profound moral compass and compassion for others.” says Shaun Fenton.

Notably, these results mark the first time this group of students has participated in external exams following their time as remote learners during their GCSEs when traditional exams were replaced with teacher-assessed grades. Despite this unconventional academic journey, their accomplishments have been extraordinary. 

The achievements of RGS students transcend not just academic success but encompass a diverse range of other pursuits. Their holistic development speaks volumes about their character and the comprehensive education they receive at Reigate Grammar School. 

Top grades create life chances, and this year has seen record numbers of Reigatians heading off to Oxford, Cambridge, Russell Group, medical school and similar world-class universities in the UK and internationally. This achievement follows a consistent trend of more and more success year on year when RGS students have been applying to world-class universities. As these accomplished students embark on their journeys to prestigious universities and promising careers, the Reigate Grammar School community bids them farewell with a sense of pride and anticipation. Shaun Fenton aptly summed up the collective sentiment: “They are ready, but we will miss every one of them.” 

For Sixth Form admission enquiries, please contact: 

Philippa Watkins, Head of Admissions/01737 222231/admissions@reigategrammar.org 

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