Stellar Sixth Form Success – Student Stories 2023

Reigate Grammar School Sixth Form students achieved record-breaking outcomes this year: the best set of exam results in the school’s history. 

  • 33% of grades attained were A*  
  • 75% of grades achieved were A*/A 
  • 95% of grades secured are within the A* to B range 
  • the typical grade profile is AAA 
  • 100% of BTEC grades awarded are the top grade of Starred Distinction demonstrating the diversity of the school’s new curriculum. 
  • Record offers from world-class universities  
  • Excellent blue chip degree apprenticeship places 
  • Growing numbers of international places including USA, Holland, Belfast and Canada to name but a few. 

 These super students have done better than ever before, at a time when the national media is reporting lower results and tough times for students. Such achievements underscore the dedication of our students, the commitment of our staff, our partnership with parents and the support of our governors: #TeamReigate. Congratulations to our RGS Upper Sixth Form students of 2023! 

Our students are not just well-qualified: they are well-educated individuals who have actively engaged in charity work, volunteering and championing countless local causes, community projects, environmental initiatives, EDI projects, sport, the arts, DofE, MUN and so much more. They leave us ready to flourish, committed to making the world a better place and, based on our feedback from current undergraduates, very well prepared for life beyond RGS.  

Here are a few stories from this year’s leavers.  Read about their plans for the future and what they have enjoyed about their time at RGS as they embark on the next step of their individual journeys. 

A Level Results RGS Sixth Form

All-Round Success for Callum S 

Callum secured an incredible set of top grades and is heading off to Oxford to study Engineering. 

Alongside his academic achievements, Callum has excelled in a diverse array of extra-curricular activities during his time at RGS: he plays both piano and French horn to high standard, both solo and in ensembles; he swims and sails competitively and was our school’s Captain of Sailing; he was a regular mentor to a new Year 7 student, and recently completed his Gold DofE. It is not often we see a student so widely talented, and we wish him well on his journey and have doubt that he will embrace the academic and social demands of university life with ease! 

Upon receiving his results, Callum said “I started the day nervous, but my results made me so happy. Being recognized for my hard work feels amazing. Huge thanks to the teachers and everyone at RGS for the incredible support. It’s been an unforgettable journey and today reminds me of all I’ve achieved. RGS not only shaped my academics but also my love for music.  RGS is a place where everyone can thrive, there are so many extracurricular activities. It is a truly welcoming community.”  


Cambridge for Head Girl Neyha K 

Neyha achieved the results she needed to study Modern and Mediaeval Languages at Cambridge. Neyha is excited to pursue studies that combine her love of literature with her passion for language and culture. 

“I was so relieved and happy when I opened my results. I am excited for the next chapter at Cambridge and being able to increase my appreciation of language, from books and art to food and people. I hope to discover the true beauty and heart of each of the cultures I study.” 

Outside of the classroom, Neyha is a gifted musician – playing the piano to a high level and singing in the school choir and orchestra. During her time at RGS, she has supported many charitable fundraisers and led philanthropic community initiatives. Her highly personable approach as Head Girl has endeared her to all those around her – be it students or staff. We wholeheartedly wish her well for the exciting future ahead of her. 

Neyha ends by saying “I have enjoyed the valuable leadership roles available during my time in the Sixth Form at RGS. As the Head Girl, I have been fortunate to engage in numerous instances of public speaking. These experiences have significantly contributed to my personal growth, and I take immense pride and am grateful for the opportunities I have had here.” 

A Passion for Politics for Josh L 

 Josh joined RGS in the Sixth Form and has made an outstanding contribution in his two years here. He has now earned a place at Queen’s in Belfast to study Anthropology and Social Politics. 

Josh’s enthusiasm for politics has seen him participating locally as a committed supporter of the Liberal Democrats and within school he has taken on a significant role for the History and Politics Society. His already excellent communication skills have been furthered at RGS by his involvement in MUN and debating club. 

Outside of school, Josh is involved with the Young Liberals and has been an active member getting involved at conferences on the topics of disability and diversity. He has also played a key role on the Sixth Form Diversity Committee, where he helped organise a world heritage fair showcasing different cultures.   

We wish Josh all the best with his future career in politics and anthropology and hope to see him standing for election in the future! His passion to make a difference in the world is clear for all to see. 

“I am so over the moon with my results, and I do not think it would have been possible to get through this year and the Sixth Form without the support of my teachers so a massive thank you.  I joined RGS in Sixth Form and I loved the feeling of freedom combined with the support, and it has not disappointed.  The support is what has made my time here enjoyable. I am excited to be going to Queen’s in Belfast to study politics and social anthropology in September!” 

A Theatrical Production for Sophie F 

 Sophie’s talents for art and drama, and her exceptional photography at A Level, have seen her realise her dream of pursuing a career in technical theatre which will begin at GSA (Guildford School of Acting) at the University of Surrey by studying Theatre Production. 

Sophie’s teachers at RGS are in awe of her resilience as, throughout her GCSEs, Sophie was treated for leukaemia. Her academic success both at GCSE and now at A level are therefore even more impressive because it has been achieved alongside continuing treatment and the challenges that treatment brings. 

Sophie has performed in musicals with the local theatre company ELOC, and such is her passion that she organised and performed in a musical theatre concert at Epsom Playhouse which she named ‘Sing Out to Help Out’. This was a charitable fundraiser for cancer charities, in particular the Teenage Cancer Trust Ward and the St George’s Hospital Play Team, which are close to Sophie’s heart. She has also taken photographs for her theatre company and the RGS drama department. 

Sophie has run the Creative Arts Committee and a Technical Theatre Club during her time at RGS where she has taught younger students in the department. Sophie’s caring nature also shone through whilst serving as a Sixth Form mentor supporting and encouraging a new First Form student.  

Sophie said, “I am so happy with my results, especially my A* in drama which I was not expecting!  I have dreamed about going to GSA to study on the Theatre Production course, so I am very excited for the future.  Thanks to my teachers for the amazing support, I have received during my time at RGS.  I will miss my friends as we are all going to differing places across the country but have promised to keep in touch.”

Ben M – A Young Professional today 

 Ben has already started working with Young Professionals in a marketing role. Ben knew university was not the pathway for him, and the RGS Careers team helped him pursue an alternative route to fulfil his passion for business. Young professionals are a leading student network who help thousands of students to accelerate their careers in apprenticeship and work experience programs. 

“I’m thrilled with my grades reflecting the hard work of the past two challenging years. Landing a role at Young Professionals for my gap year is a dream come true.  They connect students to top global companies, offering apprenticeship as a university alternative so it is great to be using my experiences to help others like me. Special thanks to Miss Anderson, my teacher and guide, for helping me secure this gap year opportunity. Receiving my results today and leaving RGS after seven years is bittersweet – the support I have received from teachers, and the fun times along the way, have made it a truly rewarding journey and I am looking forward to the future. It has taken dedication and commitment, and today, receiving my grades, it all feels worth it!” 

Musical calling for Esther W 

 Making the decision to take an extra year to complete her A Levels turned out to be a sage move for Esther.  The extra preparation time and support from her teachers at RGS enabled her to aspire to an ambitious goal of continuing her love of music at the University of Surrey. 

“I am very happy with my results! I genuinely only applied to this university on the off-chance I might get in, and now I am actually going somewhere I only dreamed about.

I took an extra year to make sure that I was ready, and I’m happy that the amazing help and extra support from everyone here at RGS made that happen. I would not be half the person I am now if I had not come here.  A big highlight for me was being able to do so much with music, I am so grateful to my teachers. I have loved being involved in the music department, it has felt like family, I will miss seeing them every day! 

My advice to younger students is to make sure that you make the most of the support and enjoy what you are doing at the moment.  Do not worry about the future just take it one step at a time and dreams can come true!” 


Top Grades means Medicine at Imperial for Kanika K 

 Kanika is passionate about learning and received top grades in English Literature, Biology and Chemistry.  Her dedication has led her to regularly attend MIT lectures, TED talks, and UCL lectures to further her studies. There is no doubt Kanika will thrive on the academic rigor demanded by a career in medicine. Outside the classroom, Kanika has spent the last year teaching a Bronze DofE group how to plan and execute expeditions, as well as completing her own Gold DofE. She is also one of the leaders of our Charity Committee, always sharing ideas on community outreach and engagement.  

“This morning, as I nervously opened the email from UCAS, it was a feeling of both relief and happiness. The realisation that I had been accepted at Imperial College was a great feeling knowing my hard work paid off. The journey of the last few years has led me to this path, and now I’m excited to be embarking on a new journey of studying medicine. I owe a special debt of gratitude to my teacher, Miss Hare. Her unwavering belief in my capabilities provided the much-needed push, without which I might have hesitated to apply to Imperial. But everything has fallen into place. 

I’m also thankful for the bursary that enabled me to attend RGS. This opportunity has truly transformed my life in ways I could never have imagined elsewhere. I now venture to Imperial College to pursue my dream of studying medicine. I’ll forever hold fond memories of my time at RGS and will always be grateful for the bursary that made it possible.” 

We wish Kanika all the best for her chosen career in medicine; she deserves it. 


Exceptional Achievements for Gabriel B –  

Gabe has been an integral member of the RGS community, playing a lead role in the 1st XV Rugby team as well as being a House Captain. Alongside his passion for history, Gabe is a committed and able athlete.  He leaves RGS to study History at Durham University. 

Gabe’s commitment to both his studies and extra curricular activities displays his well-rounded nature and exceptional achievements. His active participation within the RGS community has left a positive impact in numerous aspects. He has adeptly managed his time, excelling in academics, providing leadership to his House, and delivering exceptional performance on the rugby field. 

We have no doubt Gabe will excel during his time at Durham as much as he has at RGS. 

“I am absolutely thrilled with my results. Over the past two years, I have dedicated myself to working really hard and experienced substantial improvement in my subjects. Seeing this reflected in these results makes me so happy, and I’m excited to go to Durham University next year to study History. 

 My time at RGS has been brilliant, I have so many cherished memories with my friends. The last two years in the Sixth Form particularly stand out for me. Among the highlights, I have loved playing rugby, and our team’s success over the past couple of seasons has been truly rewarding. 

Reflecting on my journey here at RGS, I have genuinely relished every moment. Both my A-level subjects and my GCSEs, despite the challenges posed by COVID, have been incredibly enjoyable. I’ve absolutely loved the whole seven years.” 


Cambridge Surprise for Catherine T 

 Catherine is not just an outstanding academic, she has also been an active member of the school community – representing RGS in hockey matches and as a percussionist in concerts. She has been an active member of the Charities Committee in the Sixth Form, undertaken her Gold DofE, and outside of school, she is the chairman of the Young Farmers Club for Surrey.  

“I am delighted with my results, all the hard work, especially during the last few months, all feels worth it. I am thrilled I have been accepted into the University of Cambridge, where I will be pursuing a course in natural sciences. 

The thought of applying to Cambridge had not initially crossed my mind. However, with encouragement and support from RGS, I decided to submit my application, a choice I am now delighted with. The course aligns perfectly with my academic interests, allowing me to delve into the combination of subjects I enjoy.  

Reflecting on my time at RGS, there have been numerous highlights. Among these, participating in the first team at hockey was particularly memorable. This experience not only provided great enjoyment but also afforded me the chance to connect with students outside of my usual circles. Same for my involvement in music, being part of the percussion added another dimension to my journey here. 

I am particularly grateful to Dr. Carter for his exceptional teaching in physics. Under his guidance, physics became my favourite subject.   

I will miss the sense of community that RGS has offered. The camaraderie within the school, having friendships across various year groups, fostered a sense of belonging. Especially in sixth form but all throughout the school you feel part of a welcoming, thriving community.” 


Computer Science and a string of A*s for Nathaniel V 

 Nathan is an enthusiastic student with a strong interest in Computer Science.  He has thrived at RGS, making the most of all the opportunities available in addition to academic learning. Nathaniel studied Mandarin during Sixth Form and completed his Gold DofE. 

Nathan has been a committed member of the school’s Academic Committee, helping to develop the school’s Digital Project. He has also volunteered at one of our school’s maths clubs, teaching First to Third Formers mathematics outside of their curriculum.  He also enjoys running, swimming, and playing the violin. 

Nathan told us, “I am very happy.  I achieved four A*s which is enough to get me a place at Imperial College for computing. I would like to thank my computing teachers especially for getting me through all the hard coursework, there has been a lot of coursework!” 



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