Meet our new Heads of School

Meet our new Heads of School

The Headmaster was pleased to announce our new Heads of School recently following their exceptional progress through the new RGS Leadership program.  This year’s Heads of School are Nithya S, Zac S, Caitlyn F and Arun L and we are really excited to see what they are going to bring to their new role.  Their progress to this new position began in last year in the Lower Sixth Form, taking part in the different leadership committees at RGS, in particular the EDI, Bird House, Outdoor Education and Academic Committees.  They also took part in a variety of leadership training sessions with the Sixth Form team, and had a number of successes in delivering events, assemblies and other initiatives that have helped to enhance the school in a number of different ways.  After becoming senior prefects in the summer, our four Heads of School have continued to show their leadership abilities in a wide range of different co-curricular activities at the school, including drama, music and CCF.   They have also been exceptional role models to the younger RGS students through the school wide mentoring program.  In their new role as Heads of School, Nithya, Zac, Caitlyn and Arun will be the key representatives of the student body and will continue to make an extremely positive impact on the way that the school is run.

Here’s what they have to say!


“I feel honoured and privileged to have been appointed a Head of School at RGS. Since joining in the First Form, my time here has been incredibly happy and rewarding, thanks to the vast array of opportunities on offer. As a passionate musician, who plays flute, piano and sings, I have fully immersed myself within the RGS music community. From conducting Symphony Orchestra at QEH to mentoring younger musicians, it’s been quite a range!  As a Bird House Captain, I have taken a leading role in promoting House events and have been committed to increasing engagement across all year groups, including through the use of social media. I am passionate about the House System as a way to increase collaboration across the school. By greater integration amongst children of all ages, this can help us to build a stronger, more dynamic, and caring community within RGS.”

Zac S

“Hi, I’m Arun. I’ve been part of Model United Nations since First Year, and CCF and CoD since Fourth Form. I’m looking forward to being able to represent the best the school has to offer, and to help the rest of the school community achieve their hopes and targets.”

Arun L

‘Hi I’m Caitlyn. My interests are in maths and drama, especially in musical theatre. I am always involved in a show at school, and will have done 17 by the end of the year! As a neurodivergent student I am hoping to show younger students that they can face any challenge, and to encourage everyone to always be their true selves.’

Caitlyn F

“Hi, my name is Nithya, and I am excited to be a Head of School this year! Throughout my time at the school I’ve really tried to make the most of every opportunity given, through music, volunteering, and completing my Gold DofE award, as well as using my platform on the EDI committee to spread awareness on important topics to me such as diversity. Over the next couple terms I’d love to encourage others to do the same and get involved in activities they are passionate about, but also to try something new – it could be your next favourite hobby!”

Nithya S

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