RGS Welcomes Micklefield School into its Family

RGS Group of Schools is delighted to welcome Micklefield School into the RGS family with effect from 28 June 2024. Micklefield School, already a long-standing partner of RGS, is an excellent, successful, and financially secure Reigate-based preparatory school, providing outstanding curriculum opportunities and outcomes for all its pupils. 

There will be no change at RGS, to the day-to-day running of RGS nor to our determination to provide a life changing education to the children in our care. RGS teachers will continue to focus on RGS. 

In terms of admissions to RGS, many children currently come from Micklefield School to RGS at 11+ and we very much hope that will continue in the future. This will not impact on the size of classes or year groups at RGS, and it will not impact on applications to RGS from younger siblings of current RGS students or from families applying to RGS from the many primary and prep schools who send children to RGS each year. We value the contributions and perspectives that each student brings to the RGS community, and we remain dedicated to fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity. 

All schools in the RGS family will benefit from economies of scale and working together in a range of areas from estates to marketing, HR to finance and extra-curricular provision to long-term investment. Just like RGS, Micklefield School is in a strong financial position, and as a slightly larger group of local schools, we will all benefit from even greater financial resilience. 

Micklefield School is also an excellent fit in terms of ethos, achievement, ambition, and purpose. Pupils at our schools have lives full of sport, music, drama, and a host of other activities that stretch and inspire them. We all believe that education is so much more than academic achievement alone. We seek to educate the whole child and aim to set them on a path to fulfilled lives establishing a life-long love for learning. 

In 2023 all schools in the RGS Group – including Micklefield School – were rated excellent by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). As well as supporting high academic standards, all schools within the group have received multiple awards for excellence beyond the classroom. 

Micklefield School will retain its name and branding as well as its own distinctive ethos as an independently minded preparatory school for children ages 2 to 11 years of all abilities within the RGS group. Under the continued leadership of Headteacher, Mr Ryan Ardé, Micklefield School parents will see their school continue to thrive for the long term in its current location as the happy, kind, and caring school it has always been. 

RGS has worked closely with Micklefield School for many years and this merger will put our co-operation on a more formal footing, further strengthening all members of the RGS Family of schools. 

The RGS group goes from strength to strength. Our students benefit both from strong local connections and from being members of the RGS Global Village. The growth of the RGS group both in the UK and internationally benefits us all, supports the best educational experience for our students and delivers the enhanced resilience that comes from successful partnerships. 

Mark Elsey – Chair of Governors 


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