RGS at Haileybury MUN conference


Last weekend 14 RGS students attended the Haileybury MUN conference, the largest in the UK.  Over the weekend students discussed global issues with over 750 participants from eight different countries, improving their ability to communicate, negotiate and compromise in committees of up to 75 delegates.  With eight of our students winning individual awards in their committees, RGS was by far the most successful of the 45 schools attending the conference, including Charterhouse, RGS Guildford and Wycombe Abbey.

George C and Jazz Hull both won Highly Commended delegate awards in their committees. Aaron G, Ben D-F, Benedict S, George B and Jo W all won prestigious Distinguished Delegate awards.  Special congratulations must also go to Harry A in the third form, who won a Distinguished Delegate award at a mainly Sixth Form conference.  These awards are reflective of the strength of our MUN programme, the ability of our students and the work put into this conference.

To cap the weekend off, for the second year running our team representing Bosnia and Herzegovina were awarded one of three Distinguished Delegation awards, reflective of their contributions to the conference and skills in diplomacy and public-speaking.  Many thanks to Mr Sergeant and Ms Sowa for taking us to Haileybury and for supporting and guiding us.

Words by Benedict S (7RJA)

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