RGS Careers Accounting and Finance Evening


The RGS Careers Accounting and Finance Evening on Monday evening was a great success, attended by around a hundred students and parents. We are extremely grateful to the RGS parents and former pupils, all of whom gave up their time to help our students to understand more about careers in this sector. These were: Darren Harding (OR), Blaize Harris (OR), Chris Allen (OR), Ian Magness (RGS parent), Jamie Mehmood (RGS parent), Andrew Prosser (RGS parent), Alex Forsyth (OR), Ross Watson (OR), Kathryn Hundleby (former RGS parent), Maggie Stillwell (RGS parent), Ian MacTavish (RGS parent), Alex Smirnoff-North and Mrs. Anderson (member of RGS staff), We were also grateful to representatives from Hiscox, AIG and EY who came to the school to offer their advice.

The evening began with a presentation from Maggie Stilwell (RGS parent) along with Jade Garner, who joined EY straight form school. It was particularly useful for students to see the opportunities that are out there, whether they go to university or choose not to and to gain an idea of how to achieve their goals.

After this, Alex Smirnoff-North (OR) from Emso Asset Management Ltd gave a typically charismatic presentation, during which he succeeded in breaking down his banking role to enable the students to gain a clear picture of what was involved.

Following a short break during which students talked to all of the delegates and gained a feel for a really wide range of career areas, Ian MacTavish gave us a highly entertaining presentation on the role of finance in a variety of industries, as well as offering clear advice to our students about the decisions ahead.

This was a really useful, well attended evening. Thank you again to all who offered their help and to Mr Nicholson for organising it.

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