RGS’s most successful Hans Woyda team


This year’s final of the Hans Woyda Southern Section Plate Competition saw RGS take on Tiffin Girls’ School in the scenic surroundings of Dulwich College. Sadly, RGS’s winning run came to an end as the team succumbed to a superb Tiffin Girl’s School 30-39.

The score line perhaps did not reflect on the closeness of the final. Going into the final round RGS only trailed by three points which, given that RGS had overturned a four point deficit in the final round of the semi-final, meant they still had hope. Alas, a superb Tiffin Girl’s team quashed the fightback to end up deserved winners.

We are immensely proud of the team of Connie BS, Andrew H, Chris M and Lakith G for making it to the final and in doing so becoming the most successful Hans Woyda Team RGS has ever produced.

The Hans Woyda Final

Words by: Andrew H 6AGR

This year’s Hans Woyda final was held at Dulwich College and the expectations were high – both for the spectators of the match and the competitors. However, the expectations for the match tea were even greater. It is indeed a school of immense architectural potency and with each pupil paying nearly £40,000 annually, it would only be considered prerequisite for the match tea to offer the delights of the finest amuse-bouche – beluga caviar, truffle or perhaps foie gras and lobster to warm us up? It was not to be, only a selection of dry sandwiches and penguin chocolate bars to humble our taste buds. Anyway, you win some, you lose some.

The mathematical battle commenced and we began to trail, significantly. After a killer geometry round, we found ourselves in a confusing quagmire but fought and brought the scores to nearly level at the halfway point. The sun began to linger on the horizon and it was perhaps at this point in our hearts that we knew the end was near. We struck, fell and fought with sound ripostes, fell and struck again but ultimately it was just not enough.

The trophy was duly handed over to our opposition and the twinkling light from the trophy splintered in the pools of our tears and sorrow. Anyway, you win some, you lose some.

Perhaps on a more serious note, it was a genuine pleasure to take part in this competition and perhaps next year we can come back stronger (despite losing Connie).

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