Muno O’s poem to be published


Congratulations to Muna O whose poem ‘If You Can Hear Me, Grandma’ has been chosen for publication in a book showcasing young writers’ work called ‘World’s Best Mum – Wonderful Words’ scheduled for publication on 31 August 2018. Poems were selected based on imagination, creativity and use of language.

Well done Muna O !!


If You Can Hear Me, Grandma
If you can hear me grandma,
Hear me from heaven,
I just wanted to tell you something.
You were and still are probably the toughest woman I know
And yes, I have heard of Becca Swanson,
But I’m not talking about body-wise,
But on the inside.
You went through intense surgery,
Intense war.
Intense death.
So I want to tell you intensively why I love you in ten verses:
Number one: you’re in charge of my mum.
Number two: you made it through.
Number three: you loved me.
Number four: you opened life’s doors.
Number five: for making sure I survived.
Number six: for protecting me from my sister’s silly tricks.
Number seven: for living with me in 2011.
Number eight: for managing my fate.
Number nine: for making sure I was always fine.
Number ten: because you were with me then
And you’re even closer now.
You were and still are by far, the world’s greatest grandma.

Muna Okorie (1CTW)

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