How do RGS students help quieten their minds? Find a few moments to themselves? Reflect on issues that are important to them?

This week RGS students have had the opportunity to visit a ‘Think Space’. This is a room set aside for quiet space and stillness, set up with different activities to aid reflection. We are very grateful to a local Christian school’s work charity, SparkFish, who have set up and run the space for us. Although SparkFish are a Christian charity, the space is relevant and accessible to those of any belief. Some of the themes that the students have been encouraged to reflect on have been around issues such as relationships, identity and rest. First to Third Form students have spent one lesson in the ‘Think Space’ this week and other students have had the opportunity to drop in over lunchtime. In all the busyness of school life it has been really helpful for students to have time to stop, reflect and if they wish to, pray. The students have been very positive about the experience. The following comments were written in the visitors book…

“This has really helped. I’ve been having a bad week and my brain hasn’t stopped. These calming activities have helped so so much. I feel so much better and like my mind has finally calmed down. Thank you so much.”

“More people need to know and experience this. Thank you for being here.”

“Had a really great time – it was really nice to be able to just stop and think. Thanks.”

“This is the best workshop I have ever been to. It was amazing.”

Thank you so much to Sparkfish for all the hard work this week and to all the students who engaged with the space with such maturity.

Rev Jackson- Chaplain

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