PSHEE – Alcohol and drug awareness session with Barry Evans


Barry Evans, ex-naval officer and co-founder of the drug awareness organisation dreduk talked to Third Form students to raise awareness of the misuse and potential harm of such substances. During his talk which covered key KS3 and KS4 PSHEE themes, Mr Evans shared up-to-date knowledge and understanding of the effects of alcohol and drugs, their various forms, related legality and substance classification as well as associated health hazards due to their use. Mr Evans’ perfectly pitched talk gave a comprehensive explanation of the how, what, when and whys around alcohol and drugs culture in our community.

The talk presented appropriate information to students with a strong underlying message of how to make wise and safe choices. Attending parents and guardians were given practical guidance on how to support their son or daughter when discussing such issues at home as well as raising their understanding on how to be safe when socialising and attending parties and managing the behaviour of their peers. In addition to this Mr Evans reminded audiences of the importance of being aware of conduct and made reference to our school policies, the ethos of the school, self-respect, accountability for themselves and their peers and how to avoid potential associated dangers.

We thank Mr Evans for his visit which was well received by students and parents alike. Further resources will be made available in the PSHEE folder accessible via the parents’ portal.

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