Sixth Form Cervantes theatre trip


On Wednesday 13 November, students of Spanish in the Lower and Upper Sixth Forms visited the Cervantes theatre in London to see a stage production of La Casa de los Espíritus (The House of Spirits) by the famous author Isabel Allende. The national bestseller was first published in 1982 and it continues to this day to captivate readers across the world. The story charts the rise and fall of the Trueba family in an un-named Latin American country. The play written by Svich spans the 1920s to the 1970s, as the country moves through enormous sociopolitical changes that culminate in a devastating dictatorship. The play is told from the sensorial point of view of the youngest of three generations of women, Alba, who is held as the play opens, in a torture room by the government. The swirling memories, frightening and amusing, lyrical and fantastic, illuminated the stage as Alba recorded her family’s history and ultimately found the strength to recover her own story. The play was a bold and daring theatre piece that captures the force and sensuality of Allende’s vision.

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