U14 Ultimate (Frisbee) Wolverhampton Tour


After a very early start we all arrived at school at 6:00am. Our three hour journey went nice and smoothly. Once we arrived outside WV Active Leisure Centre there was definitely an excited feeling around the team. We entered the huge sports hall and were amazed by the number of players there were, throwing in the main hall.

We started a warm up and shortly after the teams were called over for a conference where they explained how the tournament was going to work. We had a bit of a wait until our first match in which we watched all the older teams do their stuff.

First we were up against a strong Air Badgers side which we lost. This loss was not a problem for the team as it highlighted areas for improvement which we worked hard to fix over the course of the weekend. We managed to finish tenth overall out of seventeen, winning five out of nine matches. This was a great achievement with it being the first time we’d played Ultimate competitively.

The trip was fun and the result on the pitch was great. All the team had a brilliant weekend and played well with tips from Mr Dare and Mr Saunders. Thanks also to Miss Lewty for being a super supporter!

Sam R, 1MSP

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