Second Form day-trip to France

On Monday 3 June, Second Form students rose early for what would be an exciting day trip to France. After a smooth and pleasant Channel crossing, they were on the road to RGS’s exchange partner school in Beaucamps-Ligny where students were to spend time with their pen-pals.

“Au menu” were lunch in the French canteen, a tour of the school, practice of oral exam questions with French students, some sporty activities and a short drama lesson in French. Much speaking of and listening to French took place. The group finished off its time at the school with a ‘goûter’ with the French before saying “au revoir” and heading to the town of Arques where students visited the internationally-renowned Cristallerie Arc.

A quick dash into a French supermarket followed and then it was time to head home with another lovely ferry crossing.

The whole trip was very pleasant and the participants enjoyed their day in France.

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