RGS International Exhibition Match

International hockey players coming to RGS!

As support of our aim to drive Performance Hockey, we are hosting an International Exhibition Match at Hartswood on Friday 11th March at 4:45pm. We are welcoming eight current senior international hockey players from England, New Zealand and Scotland will be joining up with our performance boys and girls teams for two exciting matches to create two all-star teams. This will be a fantastic opportunity for our senior students to play with some of the best players in the world.

We have an exciting line up of international players from around the World to give our students an experience of how hockey is played at the highest level. Matches will run after school on the Friday with first game starting at 16:45 and finishing up at around 18:30.

We would love to welcome all pupils, parents and the wider Reigatian community to this celebration of sport at RGS. Please join us to watch the games and mingle with the players afterwards. There will also be refreshments and a BBQ.  If you are unable to join us, stay tuned as live footage will be streamed on the RGS app. The game itself and interviews with players will also be available on our High Performance Hub platform after the event.
Click here to meet the players.

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