A rich educational experience... from school to home.


During the temporary school closure as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, RGS remains committed to providing a full and varied educational experience well beyond our core academic programmes.

Whilst school is closed to the vast majority of pupils, all of our students’ education is continuing through remote learning platforms. Students are experiencing a healthy blend of live contact from teachers and pastoral staff as well as independent learning activities with a range of compulsory and extension tasks, delivered using a wide variety of resources.

Our Remote Learning Objectives:

Happy children, calm staff – teaching and learning with confidence and making progress.

Enabling students and teachers to work as flexibly as possible.

Opportunity for regular live contact with each teacher.

Full clarity when setting work, ensuring students have more time to engage with activities.

Particular advice and tailored content is being provided at key stages, including Fifth Form Transition and Upper Sixth Bridging/Careers Courses.

Pastoral Care

At all times, pastoral care is our top priority. Our own student Wellbeing Committee has launched a Wellbeing Toolkit which is sent out to parents and students weekly.

A weekly Thought For the Day sent from Reverend Jackson provides gentle reassurance and spiritual guidance to unite our community in this time of estrangement. Please choose from the left-hand menu on this page to see some recent examples.

Co-curricular & the Arts

Remote Learning activities match our thriving programme of Clubs, Activities & Societies as closely as possible, and include Classics Club, Creative Coders, Art, Chess or MFL Clubs, modules on Psychology & the Media, Maths Challenge, Morse Code/CCF, International Diplomacy, and many more.

The Drama department’s #RGSlive initiative offers weekly broadcasts of recent superb school shows to everyone within the Reigatian community.

In Music, RGS’s newest ensemble BRAVO (Big Reigate Virtual Orchestra) is being established and the RGS Digital Concert Series offers students the opportunity to perform their musical pieces to members of the school community.

The Sports department has launched RGS Active, encompassing sport, games and physical wellbeing. Each week three exercise sessions are released focusing on core stability, movement and strength.

We miss our ordinary. Because it’s far from it.