RGS Junior Schools

Reigate Grammar has three successful prep schools educating children from 2 ½ to 11 years old. They share the same ethos and values as the senior school but each has its own distinctive style.


Located about 6 miles north of Reigate, between the villages of Walton on the Hill and Tadworth, Chinthurst is within easy access of the M25, train links to London and beautiful countryside. It is renowned for its focus on wellbeing and proud of its reputation for being a school with a warm heart. Fundamental to this is a focus on strong relationships that ensure each individual child feels happy, safe and willing to make mistakes – key ingredients for learning. These relationships also underpin excellent academic achievements as well as successes beyond the classroom; in friendships, sports teams, choirs and drama casts, and cultivate confidence, resilience and independence. The result? Happy children who can achieve great things. The school is always looking at creative ways of pushing the boundaries within the curriculum and their pioneering sporting programme is an important part of this. They were named Independent School of the Year for Sporting Achievement in recognition of this.

Children leave for senior schools as well-rounded individuals with an enthusiasm for life which is very much a reflection of the Chinthurst spirit.  To find out more, visit www.chinthurstschool.co.uk

Reigate St Marys (RSM)

RSM has a wonderful 15 acre site just a short walk from RGS and close to Reigate town centre. Academic achievements are excellent, and the children have access to a wide range of facilities and a broad extracurricular program. Beyond this, the school aims to produce confident, resilient, and creative young people who care deeply about a sustainable and equitable future for everyone. This is achieved through a consistent focus on wellbeing and building strong relationships with children and their families. A comprehensive Education for Social Responsibility curriculum is woven into the children’s learning, based on compassion, kindness, wisdom, and good values. The programme helps develop the skills and character traits needed to successfully navigate the challenges and opportunities of senior school and adult life beyond. RSM prepares the children to become well-informed, open-minded, well-mannered, ideas generators, loyal friends, team players, positive influences, and ultimately confident change makers of the future.

To find out more, visit www.reigatestmarys.org