Scholarships at RGS are awarded for academic excellence and for outstanding ability and potential in music, sport and other extra-curricular activities such as art, performing arts, dance and chess.

All RGS students flourish here, developing their talents and skills, and demonstrating high levels of performance both academically and in the wider curriculum. Scholarships recognise those students with exceptional ability or potential in a specific area and seek to nurture this throughout their time at the school by delivering a programme of enrichment and mentoring. Some scholarship awards include fee remission where values may be a percentage or a fixed amount per annum. The majority of scholarships either have no fee remission or are at a fixed amount (e.g. £1,000). In exceptional circumstances a percentage reduction of fees may be given. Substantial fee reduction through scholarships is rare and is intended for candidates performing at an exceptionally high level, for example, national representative standard in the chosen sport. Scholarships can be held alongside bursaries where candidates qualify for additional fee support.

Academic scholarships
Academic scholarships are awarded automatically. Assessment at 11+ and 13+ is based upon performance in the entrance examinations and school references; at 16+ assessment is based on GCSE performance.
Once at RGS, academic scholars are invited to participate in the Academic Excellence Programme, which consists of a wide range of both one-off and regular enrichment activities. Scholars are assigned a mentor to discuss their activities and reflections throughout the year.

Music scholarships
Music scholarships are awarded to exceptional candidates at 11+, 13+ and 16+. Applicants should meet the following criteria in order to be considered for assessment: at 11+, have the potential to be at least Grade 4 (or equivalent) on their principal instrument and Grade 2 on their second by the time they begin at RGS; at 13+, Grade 6 on their principal instrument and Grade 4 on their second; at 16+, Grade 7 on their principal instrument and Grade 5 on their second. The awarding of scholarships is based on performance at the assessment.
Music scholars benefit from the excellent music facilities and opportunities at RGS and also the support of a large and passionate staff, many of whom work in the music industry alongside their teaching careers. Scholars have the chance to participate in local, national and international performances and tours. Scholars will play a leading role in the musical life of the school and will benefit from mentoring from senior music scholars.

Sports scholarships
Sports scholarships are for candidates whom we believe can bring distinction to the school. 11+ candidates will have the potential to play their principal sport at county level by the time they join RGS. 13+ candidates, will play their principal sport at county/regional level by the time of application; 16+ candidates will play at regional/national level at the time of application. Sports scholars benefit from the RGS Elite Sport Development Programme. Scholars are assigned a mentor and will be able to take advantage of motivational talks, coaching sessions and individual nutrition and fitness programmes created by our strength and conditioning coach. Able students who are not sports scholars are invited to join the Sport Development Programme.

Headmaster’s scholarships
These are awarded at 11+ and 13+ for a wide range of disciplines with recent examples including Drama, Art and chess. Guidance for applying in each discipline is available and describes the evidence required at the point of application. All shortlisted applicants will undergo an assessment process. Each scholar benefits from a programme that supports and develops the discipline in which they excel.

Applying for scholarships
When applying to RGS, please indicate on the application form whether you would like more information about scholarships and which scholarship/s are of interest. In the weeks leading up to the exam day, an examination confirmation form will be sent which will include the scholarship application form you have requested. This form should be completed by the candidate and should include a reference from an independent referee. Referees should be prepared in the event that the Admissions Registrar contacts them for further information. On receipt of the scholarship application form, we will write to confirm whether your child’s scholarship application will be taken forward. Only applications which fulfil the scholarship criteria will be considered. Academic scholarships are awarded automatically and therefore do not require an additional application.

Scholarships awarded to 13+ candidates who apply whilst they are in Year 6 are offered subject to continued high level of performance and subsequent references. Candidates may be visited at their current school towards the end of Year 7 to confirm that their performance remains at the required standard.


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