At what ages do you accept pupils?
Pupils are normally admitted to the School at the ages of 11, 13 or 16, although vacancies may occasionally occur in other age groups. Pupils younger than 11 are educated at our junior schools, Reigate St. Mary’s Preparatory and Choir School or Chinthurst School, Tadworth

How early do we need to apply?
You can apply as soon as you wish, but there is no need to apply until the autumn of the year before entry.

Does it cost anything to apply?
There is a non-returnable registration fee of £150 for UK applications and £200 for overseas or late applications.

Do all prospective pupils have to sit an exam?
Yes all pupils that do not attend our junior schools will sit the entrance exam. Sample papers can be found on the relevant admissions pages within this section of the website.

Do we need to tell our current school that we are applying to come to Reigate Grammar School?
Yes. We will ask them for a reference or school report after receiving your application, so you should always tell them that you are applying.

How many pupils come from primary schools?
About half of our pupils are from state schools and half from prep schools.

Which is the best age for pupils to enter the school?
There is no best age. All candidates are judged by the same standards and there are similar numbers of applicants at all stages. The majority enter at age 11 into Year 7, but some prefer to wait until age 13 (Year 9), especially those applying from prep schools. You need to decide what you think will work best for your child.

Do you take equal numbers of boys and girls?
Applicants are offered places according to ability and potential, regardless of gender but the student body is usually a 50/50 split between boys and girls

Is there a separate application form for scholarships?
All pupils who take the entrance exam are automatically considered for academic scholarships. However, there are separate forms for Sport, Music or Headmaster’s scholarships.

What is the difference between a scholarship, an assisted place and a bursary?
A scholarship is a fee reduction per annum offered following exceptional performance in the entrance exam (or audition/interview for Sport, Music or Headmaster’s scholarship). The value of the scholarship can be increased through means-testing.

Bursaries are intended to enable gifted children to attend the school even if their parents cannot afford the full school fees. Bursaries are available to those who are successful in our entrance examination and interview, and assistance is not guaranteed if a place is offered. We attempt to help as many families as possible, but funds are limited: awards will therefore be based on the child’s performance in the entrance examination and the degree of assistance required. The level of fee remission will be determined on a sliding scale which will offer up to 100% reduction in fees. Assistance towards the cost of school uniform, school meals and travel costs may also be available in cases of particular need.

The assisted places scheme was previously operated by the government but this has now ceased and has been replaced by RGS bursaries.


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