Theology & Philosophy

The Theology and Philosophy department has undergone a recent ‘revamp’ to create an engaging and exciting approach to the study of religion.

In a world that is sometimes united yet often divided by religious belief, the department aims to educate pupils on the variety of religious faiths and to explore both their historical influence and what motivates believers today. We pride ourselves in offering the opportunity for students to delve into questions about truth and morality, and to develop meaningful opinions about the world around them.

Theology and Philosophy is a core subject in First and Second Forms (Years 7 and 8). The first year introduces pupils to two of the three Abrahamic religions in chronological order, beginning with Judaism, followed by Christianity. In the Second Form we introduce Philosophy through comparing Eastern and Western religious understanding of the world. We then focus on Current Ethical Issues including religious conflict and religious identity as well as a study of the third Abrahamic religion, Islam. Pupils will choose their GCSE options at the end of their Second Year.

The GCSE in Religious Studies at RGS is very popular and we teach AQA Religious Studies specification A. This course addresses issues of current debate ranging from philosophical questions over the existence of God and religion verses science through to ethical issues such as abortion, euthanasia, war, poverty and sexual ethics. Pupils enjoy the opportunity to debate important philosophical and ethical issues and apply their understanding of both Christian and Islamic viewpoints to key questions, as well as exploring non-religious and secular responses.

In the Sixth Form, the department offers the OCR ‘Religious Studies: Philosophy,Ethics and Developments’ A Level, which is designed to develop a greater understanding and appreciation of religious beliefs and teachings, as well as the disciplines of ethics and philosophy of religion. Learners will develop their skills of critical analysis in order to construct balanced, informed arguments and responses to religious, philosophical and ethical ideas.. Typically, this attracts two sets of students in the Lower Sixth and two in the Upper Sixth. Pupils often continue this subject at university.

The department offers extra clubs to inspire pupils in their studies of Theology and Philosophy. Fifth and Sixth Form pupils present and debate on a range of topics in The Academy, a current affairs debating club that attracts pupils from across a wide range of disciplines. The department also runs enrichment trips including a trip to Oxford and Philosophy and Ethics conferences for Sixth Form pupils in London.

Course Summary and Specifications
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