Inspection report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) arranges and carries out the inspection of any school which wishes to be accredited by the Independent Schools Council (ISC).

The Independent Schools Inspectorate 2023

The ISI inspects schools according to a standard framework for inspection which it has laid down for the purposes of ensuring that standards are maintained and that the school complies with relevant legal requirements. This framework has been agreed with the Department for Education and they have recognised the ISI as the body responsible for the regular inspection of schools in England which are affiliated to the ISC.

Overall Judgement

Following the recent inspection in February 2023, the ISI has judged Reigate Grammar School to be Excellent in All Areas for Education Quality which includes supporting pupils’ achievement in and beyond the classroom and supporting their personal development. RGS is also Fully Compliant in all areas of Regulatory Compliance. These are the highest categories a school can be awarded.

The survey results for parents, pupils and staff are the most positive the ISI has seen for many years – especially the parental returns where the lowest level of satisfaction was 97%.

Highlights from the latest inspection are outlined below:

Personal Development and Pupils’ Behaviour

  • Universally, pupils feel comfortable being their true self.
  • RGS is a harmonious community working together for everybody’s wellbeing.
  • RGS is a community founded on kindness and a sense of common purpose.
  • Pupils demonstrate excellent levels of self-understanding. They are confident, reflective and perceptive, aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and accepting of themselves and others as individuals.
  • Pupils are keenly aware that they are experiencing a tolerant, kind, respectful, supportive environment, where both challenge and collaboration are encouraged and valued… Every child has someone they can talk to.
  • Pupil behaviour is excellent and they demonstrate high levels of moral understanding. They have an acute sense of right, wrong, fairness and justice.

Social Awareness and Community Engagement

  • Pupils have excellent social awareness and relish working with others for the common good.
  • Pupils demonstrate deep commitment to making a positive contribution to the lives of others. They want to make the world a better place, aware of the advantages and with a strong sense of responsibility.
  • Older pupils contribute in many ways to the lives of younger pupils, as social and academic mentors, leading music ensembles, art and technical clubs, and sports activities.
  • Many pupils volunteer to work on projects in the wider community… through these experiences they gain empathy and understanding so that they become considerate and caring adults.

Culture and Diversity

  • Pupils are tolerant and kind. In a culturally diverse community, their positive attitudes, natural empathy and excellent behaviour creates a harmonious school.
  • Pupils are acutely aware that everyone is an individual and consequently all are different.


  • Pupils’ academic and other achievements are overwhelmingly excellent.
  • Pupils achieve higher examination grades than expected.
  • Pupils appreciate that all learning is valuable, whether or not it leads to an examination qualification.
  • Pupils’ achievements are extensive and they speak with pride about what they have accomplished and how the school facilitates this.
  • Pupils have excellent communication skills… they are erudite, articulate and command extensive vocabulary.
  • Pupils are highly motivated, diligent and keen to learn so they make rapid progress.


  • Pupils’ achievements beyond the formal curriculum are outstanding and wide ranging.
  • Pupils are aware that music, sport, drama, or time outdoors enriches their lives and enables them to develop a wider appreciation of life.
  • Pupils have high aspirations and use their diverse talents to strong effect, being encouraged to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them.


RGS’s previous ISI Inspection was in 2016 and Reigate Grammar School is rated – ‘EXCELLENT’

Highlights from the previous inspection are outlined below:

Overall achievement and learning is exceptional

The quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning is exceptional… Pupils are extremely well educated… Pupils possess exceptional knowledge, understanding and skills in their curricular work… in art, outstandingly sophisticated analysis and interpretation reveal a high level of creative literacy… Pupils are outstandingly successful in gaining entrance to highly competitive universities and in particular gaining a high number of places at medical school… Extra-curricular achievement is exceptional… Many pupils are selected to represent their counties and many exhibit national prowess… The attitudes to learning of pupils of all needs and abilities are exemplary… they show immense enthusiasm for their studies and great pride in their work… Pupils and teachers successfully work together to fulfil high aspirations…

The quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent

The spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of the pupils is excellent… By the time they leave the school, pupils of all needs and abilities have an excellent standard of personal development and are ready to meet the challenges of adulthood… Pupils in all year groups exhibit a well-founded sense of right and wrong reflecting the moral purpose of the school… Pupils display excellent social development… they are confident, thoughtful and considerate… they show a high level of maturity in their approach to their learning and are intellectually assured, articulate and prepared to question received ideas… Pupils are encouraged to develop their own leadership qualities and teamwork skills… they have a well-developed social conscience particularly seen in a culture of charitable giving with a well-supported programme co-ordinated through the student-led charity committee… Pupils relate easily to each other and to adults in an atmosphere of mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths, beliefs, cultures and backgrounds…

The quality of leadership and management and of Governance is excellent

The leadership ensures that the needs of pupils are at the centre of all decisions… There is a strong commitment to the need for continuous improvement… The governing body is highly successful in guiding the school to achieve its educational aims… Governors have an exemplary vision for the future of the school…


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Reigate Grammar School is rated as ‘Excellent in All Areas’

The Independent Schools Inspectorate 2023