Why RGS?

We are often asked what makes RGS special and why it is a great choice of school for your child so we asked our current families (parents and students) and here’s a little of what they said:



“I like that my child doesn’t have to participate in sports they don’t like. Why make him play in a rugby fixture if he hates it? He’s a lot happier playing hockey.”

“My daughter is a natural with languages and I love the fact she can choose to study three of them in Year 7. She can choose between French, Spanish, German, Latin and Mandarin.”

“The flexibility in the curriculum is amazing. My two children are quite different academically. My son studied 12 GCSEs and my daughter is planning on taking 8 next year.”

“Other schools seem to offer a choice of subjects from ‘blocks’. RGS doesn’t use this approach. There are no blocks or restricted options. The school tailors its curriculum around the child.”

“GCSEs are completed over three years, which allows the Year 9 & Year 10 children time off every week to participate in an Elective Programme. My daughter loved the wide range of experiences and courses on offer.”

“I’m so glad that my son has had the same Head of Year since Year 7. Over the past five years, the HoY has really got to know him. He’s seen him develop into a confident and poised young man.”

“The Reigate Foundation has provided my daughter with amazing career advice and support since she left uni. The school goes way beyond the Sixth Form. I’m so pleased she will be part of the Reigatian family for the rest of her life.”



“I was worried about joining RGS from my small local primary school but I felt so welcomed once I knew I was going to start there. I attended Taster Days and the school even visited my primary school. I was even invited to some of the musical and drama events before I started so I felt as though RGS was the school for me.”

“I loved my first week at RGS. It was amazing. I felt welcomed and loved meeting my Sixth Form mentor. He is like my big brother.”

“I love the Electives Programme! So far I’ve chosen Photography, Pop Video Production and CSI Reigate. My friend loved Film Studies and Music Technology.”

“I go to a lot of lunchtime clubs so sometimes I like to bring in a packed lunch from home to save time. I like the choice of having the flexibility of having lunch in the dining hall or bringing in my own.”

To get a better understanding of what makes RGS special, please book  an open event or tour via our website. We look forward to welcoming you.


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