Lower School

We believe in our young people so that they can achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Each pupil is in the care of an experienced Form Tutor, who will see them twice a day during the First Form and will be the first point of contact for parents.

The Form Tutor will normally also teach their Form for at least one subject. The Head of First Form takes overall responsibility for the welfare of the pupils at this stage and parents can make an appointment to see either the Form Tutor or the Head of First Form at any time.

We operate a Mentoring scheme whereby senior students meet and help junior boys and girls. Sixth Form mentors are each assigned a small group of First Year pupils whom they meet on a weekly basis to get to know and help through their first year in the School. Through working with younger children they develop an understanding of the difficulties they face as well as a greater awareness of their own abilities. Sixth Form students are also encouraged to become involved in coaching junior sports teams after school and at weekends if their own commitments permit. Such interaction between age groups benefits all, and develops the community spirit we hope to foster within the School.

At the age of 12, girls and boys move up to the Second Form, under the care of the Head of Second Form. Class sizes remain much the same. There is usually an additional intake of about 20 pupils at age 13 into the Third Form adding an extra Form. These pupils generally come from Prep Schools or from families who have recently moved into the area.

More subjects are studied at this stage, including separate sciences and a second Modern Language. In the Second Form, pupils begin to choose some subjects. Please see the curriculum page for more details.


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