Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee was introduced as a games option in 2010 and has been a popular Sixth Form summer games option ever since.

As time has progressed more year groups have become involved and it has now become part of the PE curriculum leading to an increase in players at school.

In the summer term there are training sessions for both seniors and juniors either at Hartswood or on Broadfield lawn. The game can be considered a cross between American football and netball in that the idea is to pass the disc up the pitch and catch it in an end-zone. The game is physically demanding as a team of seven is expected to cover the 100m x 40m pitch. The game is self-refereed and relies on ‘Spirit of the Game’ where players are expected to call any fouls they make. Winning a game requires a combination of skill, fitness and tactics.

RGS has attended the National Outdoor Tournament with U20 and U16 teams on a number of occasions and with regular success. In addition, we play local teams whenever possible. Our most regular opponent is Tonbridge school with whom we enjoy a friendly and competitive rivalry.

We maintain great links with Old Reigatians who often continue playing at university. Players are able to get a head start over other freshers and go onto important handling roles and captaincies. We enjoyed hosting an Old Boys tournament featuring two Old Reigatian teams and two school teams. Finally, each year there is a student versus staff match which is a very enjoyable and fiercely contested event.


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