Geography in the Sixth Form will help you to develop a diverse range of skills, including communication, numeracy, graphicacy, problem solving, team work and thinking.

The course is relevant to the real world and addresses contemporary issues. These elements help to build a solid foundation for the move into further education and indeed the workplace beyond. The nature of peoples’ working lives is changing and the development of a wider perspective and transferable skills in Geography provides a firm base for life-long learning. Statistics show that Geography graduates rank extremely high in employment tables.

Geography offers an ideal link between science and art choices, and is favoured by a number of leading universities. A significant number continue with the subject at university; recent courses chosen include straight Geography, Geography and Planning, Geography and Oceanography, Geography and Sports Studies, Geography and Sociology, Geology and Geomatics. Others have used it to support applications for courses including Psychology, Medicine, Land Economy, Environmental Science and Environmental Law.

Teachers have the opportunity to follow their particular subject specialisms at Sixth Form Level, with the teaching broadly divided into human and physical topics.

In the Lower Sixth Form, the AQA course covers Changing Places, Water and Carbon Cycles, Global Systems and Governance and Coasts with a variety of field trips to Reigate, Brixton, Spitalfields, Box Hill, Camber and Gatwick. In the Upper Sixth, the focus is on Population and Hazards. 20% of the A-level is a piece of independent fieldwork investigation and students make their own choice of title linked to the specification. Lesson time is directed towards this on a regular basis.

Students are encouraged to engage in activities beyond the classroom, including fortnightly meetings of the Geography Society. Talks are often provided by students and occasionally outside speakers; recent sessions have covered diverse topics such as climate change, urban architecture, plastic in the ocean and ethical sourcing of food.

Students who have enjoyed the GCSE course and show an interest in the world will love the challenges of this exciting A Level course.

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