History is vital to our understanding of the world around us and the forces that shape the present and the future.

At A Level, History seeks to answer such significant questions as: What causes civil wars and revolutions? How can individuals come to dominate their own and other countries? What forces bring about fundamental changes in society and politics? To what extent and why have the causes and nature of warfare changed over time? Why do some groups have to struggle to achieve equal rights? History does this through the study of particular events, individuals and developments in British, European and American History.

The prime focus at A Level is on explanation, evaluation and analysis. The study of history aims not only to increase your knowledge and understanding of the key factors that have shaped our world but also to cultivate your ability to think critically, produce coherent and compelling arguments, to research effectively and communicate clearly. That is why History A Level is so highly regarded by both top universities and employers and is considered relevant for a wide range of career paths, from the City to the Cabinet, top management to the diplomatic corps and law to journalism.

Teaching and learning are varied and will help you to develop key skills. There is a student led History and Politics society, and a weekly History and Politics reading group. There are visits to conferences and exhibitions, and a biannual study visit abroad. Recent destinations have included Moscow and St. Petersburg, New York and Washington.

You do not have to have studied History at GCSE to study it at A Level, but it is a distinct advantage to have done so. It is also important to write well and to enjoy reading, discussion and argument.

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