‘The thing to remember about the will of the people is, it isn’t that long since we were swept away by the Macarena’

Politics is an important part of RGS as shown by the fact that Sir Keir Starmer is an Old Reigatian.

Key recent topics

  • Brexit
  • Climate change protests
  • The 2019 General Election
  • Devolution
  • The power of the Supreme Court
  • The election of Donald Trump in the USA
  • The power of Congress in the USA

Should I know about Politics before studying it?
The course assumes no prior knowledge, simply an interest in the subject and a willingness to work and keep an eye on contemporary developments. It is important that you read a good newspaper and enjoy watching relevant TV news programmes, as well as checking out publications such as The Spectator or The Economist. In order to do well at Politics, student must enjoy thinking creatively both orally and on paper and be up to date on current affairs.

A Level Politics Course
We follow the Edexcel specification, teaching UK Government and Politics, Core Political Ideas (Liberalism, Conservativism and Socialism), Non-Core Political Ideas (Anarchism) and Comparative Politics (USA and UK).

Key skills
Construction of argument, independent learning, political analysis Extra-curricular and extra-mural opportunities: Trip to Washington/New York; Westminster; TV stations; Guest Speakers – Local and National Politicians of major Political Parties and Commentators. Previously, Politics students have been on Radio, hosted public meetings, gone to Channel 4, done work experience for major political parties.

What choices does an A Level in Politics give me at University and beyond?
A foundation in Politics would be an advantage in careers in journalism, law, lobbying, finance and civil service. Employers recognise and reward the ability to think critically, which you will gain in Politics. There aren’t any grade requirements, but typically a Level 8 or above in English, History or Geography would be advantageous.

Course Summary and Specifications
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