Biology has become one of the most exciting and rapidly developing subjects in recent years.

Thus, it plays a valuable part in the general education of any student. The new AS/A2 specifications place emphasis on these new developments as well as developing further the understanding of many core biological topics.

The AS level includes the following topics:

  • Cell structure and function
  • Biological molecules
  • Human health and disease
  • Transport systems in animals and plants
  • Biodiversity and evolution

Practical skill development is an essential element of the AS and A2 courses. It develops the students’ analytical capabilities and ability to work under pressure. Skills are assessed internally using specific set experiments.

The A2 level includes the following topics:

  • Cellular control and variation
  • Gene technology
  • Ecosystems and sustainability
  • Behaviour
  • The biochemistry of respiration and photosynthesis

All A2 units are synoptic

  • The course is suitable for enthusiastic and hard-working students from a background of either Biology GCSE or a Double Award Science GCSE. Due to the large syllabus, students must be well organised and prepared to put aside time for independent study. Student suitability will be judged on an individual basis.
  • The course is excellent preparation not only for degree courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science, but also for the Biological Sciences, Microbiology, Agriculture, Marine and Freshwater Ecology and many others.

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Mr T S Dare
Head of Biology