This is both a rewarding and stimulating subject for study for anybody who has an interest in electronics and its applications in Engineering and ICT.

Students will develop essential knowledge and understanding, together with an appreciation of the applications of Electronics. There is a strong link between theory and practical work. 

The subject has three modules for study, one of which is a coursework project. We will study such topics as logic systems, amplifiers (including operational amplifiers), transistors, RC networks, timers, counters and power supplies.

The coursework enables the student to design and construct an electronics project of their own choice. The practical project accounts for 30% of the final award.

The last few years have witnessed a revolution in electronics. In a rapidly changing technological world electronics is vital in understanding new and exciting areas of science.

It is not necessary to combine this with physics at AS Level and would suit anybody with an interest in the subject.

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Mr P A Saunders
Head of Physics