Combined Cadet Force

At Reigate Grammar School, the CCF is a popular extra-curricular choice for many students. The Corps of Drums is available from the First Form (Year 7) with the main CCF open to students from the Second Form (Year 8) upwards.

The Combined Cadet Force (CCF) at RGS has a long history dating back to 1906 with the initial formation of an Officer Training Corps which, over the years, has expanded to include Royal Navy, Army and RAF sections along with a Corps of Drums.

Students who join the CCF will experience a wide variety of activities including water sports, shooting and flying lessons, they will also be offered leadership opportunities as they progress through the contingent.

The CCF is supported by the Ministry of Defence but it is definitely not a recruiting organisation, there is no expectation that students join any of the armed forces after they leave RGS. Naturally, some students may choose to follow that career path having enjoyed their CCF experiences but membership of the CCF is entirely an extra-curricular choice, not a career path.

Students interested in the Corps of Drums may join in the First Form (Year 7), there is no expectation of a musical background and students will learn to play the bugle, fifes and drums leading to participation in parades, school and community events.

The other sections of the CCF are open to students from the Second Form (Year 8) and above. A summer term taster session is organised for interested First Form students and the contingent meet weekly after school. The benefits of CCF participation are almost as varied as the activities themselves – students will learn so much about themselves as they face challenges and seize opportunities through their membership. In a typical year, students will experience:

  • Trips away on exercise
  • Learning life skills (map reading, orienteering, first aid etc)
  • Self-reliance – they will learn to be resourceful and responsible, perseverance and endurance will definitely be required on occasions
  • Adventure training opportunities – eg mountain biking, rock climbing, paddle sports, sailing, skiing, archery, shooting
  • Field gun run competition – always fiercely contested
  • Biennial inspection by a high ranking serving officer
  • Workshops and training days – eg Army Personal Training Instructor, Royal Marine band workshops, public duties in London
  • Remembrance Day parades – both CCF and Corps of Drums will perform duties at both the school service and in the local community

Please take a look at the news and events and gallery pages for a taste of what the CCF offers or follow our Twitter feed (@RGS_CCF) for the latest updates



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